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Your Past Life Is My Business



How many sessions does it normally take to reach the H-S?

It depends on the person, but normally one is sufficient but sometimes people need two.

I’ve watched the QHHT videos online but I am afraid of what’s going to come out of my mouth.

 Introducing you to your higher-self is what I consider a gift of wisdom. QHHT opens a conduit to your subconscious mind. The higher-self is here to serve you, literally here to serve just you, its job is to point you in the direction that leads to the greatest measure of happiness. The information comes through to help you, to guide and to show the way. Your higher-self is not in service to betray you or belittle you but it may add humor to lighten you up a bit.

How long is a typical session?

A typical session is 4 to 5 hours. 

I’ve made my appointment but now I am struggling with the questions. What do I do?

The quantum state is like a library, a vast library where all questions have answers. But it takes a true seeker to ask the burning questions. 

If you view life through the lens of religion you could pose your questions to “god”. 

But no matter what, when the student is ready to teacher will appear. ~proverb

Being a student of philosophical thought, I would urge you to in the words of Socrates “know thyself” because these questions will reveal to you your true self.

What does it feel like to be under hypnosis?

  It’s very relaxing. 

What does it feel like to come out of hypnosis?

It feels like you've had a nice nap.


Will I remember all that my higher-self has to say?

 Not likely. You will remember a great deal for about the first ten minutes and then it begins to fade like a dream. That is the purpose of the recording on the thumb             

drive, so that you can review it time and time again and get reacquainted with that 


Is what I am visualizing real or just made up?

 I am not here to tell you that what you “saw” or interpreted was “real” or not. What I will say is that the deep feelings and vivid imagery are there to serve you to your highest good. So my official stance is, it’s for each individual to decide. But I will say for the official record, the tears are very real, the relief is very real and the healing of old wounds and misunderstandings are also very real.

Have you ever had a session where there was healing?

Yes, in a state of higher consciousness there are no obstacles only wisdom and understanding.

Are there any illness’ the higher-self can not or won't heal?

 Yes, any illness or disease that is serving a purpose will not be healed. Because it is being used as a tool of experience. For example, I had a client back in February who was suffering from hearing loss and wears hearing aids in both ears. I engaged the higher-self and asked her question about her ears. The higher-self responded that the hearing loss was a tool used so the client would develop intuitive skills and thus be thrust into the world of mediumship and energy healing. Nothing is ever wasted. 

Has anyone ever been disappointed that a healing did not occur?

 No. The clarity is what the client really wanted. 

Do I need to listen to the recording right away?

 No. The recording is your to keep and listen to as you see fit. My only suggestion is that you at least check the flash drive to make sure your recording is functional, sometimes electronics fail. Let me know as soon as possible, I can send you a new key, email a link or add it to drop box.