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Intuitive Insights

 Jan. 2, 2019 Happy New Year and welcome to another episode of Intuitive Insights. Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Intuitive Healer Lorraine Cohen about self love, compassion and healing from health issues. We enjoyed a lengthy discussion about Lorraine's history with breast cancer and how to see physical illness from the perspective of spirit. Our aches and pains are not punishment but an opportunity to go within for the answers. She can be reached at: http://lorrainecohen.com 

 Welcome to another episode of Intuitive Insights today my guest is the beautiful Emunah Malinovitz who offers her intuitive services as a Life and Love Coach.  Join us as we explore the depths of love and intimacy through the sacred lens of consciousness!  To contact Emunah go to: sacredlovethatlasts.com or via Facebook at Sacred Love Academy. 

 Intuitive Insights: A Conversation with Lisa Clayton of Inner Leader Movement. I had the absolute pleasure of a sit down conversation with Lisa Clayton to discuss her spiritual coaching practice. Lisa is the real deal, she was kind enough to show me her skills as an angel intuitive and she has a special offer for the viewers, watch the video to see her offer! http://www.lisaaclayton.com/