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What are clients saying about their QHHT Sessions?

1. Wow, What an Experience

 I'm so grateful for my session with Dr. Yolanda. This was my first time doing any type of hypnosis and I was nervous at first, but instantly upon meeting Dr. Dukes I felt at ease about the process. The session itself, for me, was very enlightening. I had a profound and productive experience that only one who experiences it could truly understand. 

I’m curious as to what a second session would bring up and what different scenarios I would see after the initial apprehension has been lifted. I believe in Dr. Dukes work and think what she is doing is meaningful and powerful. Thanks so much for your work and my session Dr. Yolanda. 


2.  Wonderful Session

It was a very relaxing session. She is professional, easy going and very encouraging. Since this was my first time, I was somewhat nervous, but I felt immediately at ease when I walked into her office. We had a great conversation around my life and why I was there that day.

The hypnosis itself was light and pleasant and a very eye-opening

experience. I received answers to almost all of my questions and then some. Dr. Dukes was able to step in and help me along in the process very gently. She is an intuitive and a great guide on this journey. She is encouraging and gave me confidence in my own abilities when I wasn't so sure.

In addition to the questions, we also completed a full body scan and a light-body activation which I found very cool.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Dukes to anyone seeking truth in their life! 


3.  Wonder-filled QHHT Session

 I had no idea what to expect when I inquired about QHHT through Dr. Dukes website, and wasn't entirely sure the day I went for my appointment. Dr. Dukes put my worries at ease with her peaceful, calm presence and answers to all my questions. I felt supported, during and after my session and couldn't be more grateful for the healing work Dr. Dukes 

is doing. Truly an eye opening experience. 


4.  QHHT Review

Dr. Yolanda was very flexible and working with me. And to be honest she had helped bring some clarity and direction that I was looking for. She is very knowledgeable and knows her stuff. I would definitely recommend anyone looking for clarity to seek her out and work with her. Thank you for working with me Dr. Yolanda. I really do appreciate it. 


5. Review

I have complex PTSD and high anxiety. I have trouble sleeping, nightmares, and questions about everything, Dr. Yolanda Dukes was wonderful to work with, she is calm, professional ans so knowledgeable. I would swear that only 30 minutes had passes, however our session was 57 minutes. I was surprised with how relaxed I felt after our session. 

The answers are inside of myself, just like she says, and she hands us the key.

I am grateful for this experience and look forward to the next one. 


6.  My Guardian Angel

Thank you SO much for our session yesterday. I’m still processing and not quite ready to listen to our session yet but I’ll get there. I did start talking to my guide though, like you told me to. At one point, I said, “Do you exist or did I make you up?” And then I got chills on the back of my neck. So I was like, “Oh ok, got it.” 😂



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