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The Gangster William

This is an edited session of one lifetime, of William the gangster who lived and died violently around the age of 30 in a smoggy city.

Listen in as the client revisits his (her) funeral with vivid details and clarity. William faced death the same way he lived, by the seat of his pants which ended with a violent confrontation by police.

From this audio you will get the sheer volume of love as William recounts the day he married his beautiful wife Lucinda. 

Sala the bellydancer

#51 This was a session where the client visited two past lives, the foundation of both those life times were focused on body image. Her spirit guide "Sala" the belly dancer is always right by the client side showing her the purpose and the pain of those lifetimes to reveal a deep unconscious connection into this lifetime. 

Part 1 of 2  edited

Sala PArt 2 of 2

#51 This is part 2/2 of Sala spreading her wisdom and knowledge of Atlantis and levitation.


 #53 This was a wonderful journey into three past lives. The client recounts the days of the old west, remembers the life of a fisherman in Greece and finally makes peace with a dying child in India.   Edited from two and half hours of content, The session part one concludes with introduction of an extraterrestrial teacher from the Pleiades.  Part 1 of 2

#53 Part 2/2

Listen to this out of the world audio as client channels extra terrestrial energy, Vendar. 

QHHT Session

Welcome and Enjoy the Wisdom and Knowledge shared by the Higher-self