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 Trust Yourself to Change Your Life

Everyone likes an origin story, but I am not going to give life to a past life that I am not any longer. Let’s just say at was at the end of my road if I could not get anything out of my sessions with Dr. Dukes. It is great feeling to be able to talk and open up to someone about your internal discomforts. I was able to breathe again. I had two sessions, each one helped in letting go of things that where holding me down. I am happy to report that I am enjoying life better than before. I have this amazing momentum going. I recently landed a new job with a large International company and better pay. Dr. Dukes made the recommendation to listen to Abraham Hicks. Abraham Hick’s messages have been humbling and wide opening. I do feel that I am becoming more vibrationally alignment with my well-being. I am glad the universe led me to Dr. Dukes. 

Feb. 17, 2019 Sergio



 I have suffered from depression and complex PTSD since a child. I have had over 30 years of counseling, energy healing, and been on numerous medications over the past. I had recently gone through a very painful divorce this past year and hit rock bottom mentally and emotionally. After much research, I managed to find Yolanda and I am so happy I did!! She is AMAZING to work with. She is extremely gifted and truly cares about helping her clients get to the root of the issue. I can honestly say that nothing had really been effective at relieving my mood swings, lifting my depression, or had long lasting effects until I started working with Yolanda. Her work has changed my life for the better and you cannot put a price on that. I am feeling at peace, hopeful, and more grounded than I have my entire life. There are not enough words to express my gratitude and appreciation. Please do not hesitate for a moment to set up an appt. with Dr Yolanda Dukes. You will benefit in ways you cannot begin to imagine. 

Dec. 2018



How Cute Is This Key?

 "Amazing experience! So much came up that I didn’t expect!
Life changing information! The atmosphere was relaxing and UPSCALE! Although the price point was half what others are charging for QHHT.
& how cute is this key? ."

Feb. 2019