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Your Past Life Is My Business

Session #51 "Sayla"

Feb. 2019 This is QHHT Session #51 "Sayla" In a deep trance state clients guide speaks through her to reveal information about her past lives, body issues, life in Atlantis teaching levitation, and Sirius Past Life and so much more! 

Session #56 "Alta"

Hypnosis Session #51 Client met her spirit guide "Alta", resolved some issues involving her mother and finally spoke with her father who past away a few years ago

Session #58 "Samuel"

 Session #58 This was a great session, the client found the clarity she was looking for. Together we journeyed through a past incarnation as a non-human water dwelling being.  Client had the opportunity to meet with and receive wisdom from her spirit guide Samuel and see through the eyes of her earth parents as never before. And finally she speaks with her father who past away a few years ago. It was a very touching and remember-able reunion.