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 Dr. Yolanda Dukes,
Level II  (QHHT) 
Perspective Metaphysics.


Hello, I’m Dr. Yolanda Dukes and I’m so glad that you’re visiting my website. This is where you can get to know a bit about me. Professionally, I’m a Metaphysician, Certified Hypnotist, Level I Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner (QHHT) as well as the founder of Perspective Metaphysics.

I am deeply passionate about my work. I was born with my Sun in Aquarius which opened the door for me to live out a pre-destined tendency as a humanitarian. I have an unconventional outlook on life which allows me to integrate new and unexpected perspectives. My Scorpio rising (ascendant) gifts me with an intensity in the energetic sense of the word. I am deeply instinctual with a passionate nature which gives me access to natural forces that can be used for healing and regeneration. 

I have an innate love of learning combined with a disciplined mind that has allowed me to succeed in many aspects of my life. At this time, I’ve completed five degree programs and countless certifications across different fields of study.

After many years of intense research, I was awarded a Doctorate in Philosophy specializing in Mystical Research from the University of Sedona. Most recently I received my ordination and practitioner diplomas from the International Metaphysical Ministry (IMM) seminary. I also earned both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Metaphysical Science from the University of Metaphysics (UOM). 

Prior to focusing my education and research in metaphysics, I worked in the legal field and earned an associate degree in Paralegal Studies from MTI College in California and a Bachelor of Science degree in Legal Studies from Kaplan University. While I no longer work in this profession, it gave me a strong foundation in learning, writing, and critical thinking.

In addition to my professional work with clients and small groups, and as a way of integrating my love of learning with my metaphysical interests, I have also started a video talk show. Intuitive Insights features metaphysicians, revolutionary thinkers, and healing practitioners from all walks of life. In our 30-minute conversations, they share their unique practices, philosophies, and modalities.







My Treatment Focus

Mystical Meditation
Body Scan
energy healing
3rd eye cleansing
past life regression
life review

Our focus is to help individuals heal, energize, and become aware of their inner strengths. We achieve this by providing a neutral safe space, listening to your concerns, and customizing your quantum healing experience through your higher-self.

  Higher self is a term associated with multiple belief systems, but its basic premise describes an eternal, omnipotent, conscious, and intelligent being, who is one's real-self. Madam Blavatsky formally defined the higher self as "Atma the inseparable ray of the Universe and one self. 

The real self can be accessed through the  somanbulistic perception, where clairvoyance, vision,second sight and spiritseeing dwell.

Quantum healing hypnosis therapy was created by Dolores Cannon more than 30 years ago. Quantum healing explains why everybody has the ability to change the condition of their physical body regardless of age, health status or body type. 

My specialty is the ascension of each and every individual as the cosmic rays of light upgrade the entire earth plane. It is normal to feel a bit of confusion and have a sense that there is more to life than what our physical senses interpret as reality. Welcome to Ascension Counseling in Dallas.

Ascension Counseling is the first of its kind and it as unique as you are. Every planet in our solar system is on a path of evolution and eventual ascension, it takes many thousands of years for this process to be completed. In the case of earth this is a 24,000 year process also known in scientific circles as the Great Year or the Platonic Year. 

The Great Year is equal to one complete cycle of the equinoxes around the ecliptic. Think of it like this, it takes one day for the Earth to spin on its axis and a year is one revolution around the Sun. So to is the great year based on the celestial motion. 

In other words, just as we experience light and dark on Earth so too does the universal great year have its golden age and dark age. And with this new age of light comes the new age of consciousness awareness. 

For a lot of humans the lives we lead before 2012 are no longer working. There is a lot of personal and professional confusion and we must learn to embrace the changes or crash against the shore.

My Client Promise

Meditation Beads
Key to your subconscious
deep trance
theta hypnosis 
Mystical Research

Your quantum journey is not something that I am light-hearted about. It is a personal belief that the human family has lived many incarnations some of which were very painful. 

This deep trance field of study is very revealing as to the inner thoughts and experiences which lead to outward symptoms or unwanted behaviors.

There simply is no "one size fits all" methodology because the desired change could stem from many unrecognized events in this life or beyond. 

A common question asked is, What if it doesn't work? There are indeed some clients that have a more difficult time reaching a state of relaxation. My answer to the question is to come back, review the meditations and the relaxation techniques that I provide and schedule another appointment. 

Will there be another charge? No, the session you pay for are the results that I intend to deliver, a deep trance session with a recording provided for you to review at your leisure. 

In very common terms I consider myself a unique type of librarian. I facilitate a deep trance session for the purpose of helping you to understand patterns of behavior and thinking.


Not every past life was painful, but every incarnation past and present has a lesson and a purpose. A quantum session is the perfect vehicle of discovery for understanding your reasons for coming to earth at this time.

Within 48 hours after your session expect a follow-up email or text message to check in on you. I do this because with 3rd eye cleansing comes new life revelations that usually tantamount to significant life changes.

You are also invited to the monthly Mystical Research Group (last Friday of each month)  to discuss your session and the effects it has had on your life. 

You are also welcome to be my quest on Intuitive Insights to discuss your session, revelations and changes that you would like to share with the general public.

And finally, you are also invited to the facebook group "Mystical Meditation" where you can enhance your practice by asking questions and having discussions with like minded people. 



 As a Metaphysical Practitioner, Yolanda Dukes does not diagnose, prescribe, or advise about any medical condition or treatment. Energy therapies are not a replacement for conventional medical treatment offered by medical professionals. Always consult with your doctor about any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention and before adjusting medication or course of treatment. 

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